What Is Pectus Excavatum?

Pektus Ekskavatum Nedir?

Pectus Excavatum is the most frequently seen chest wall deformity. Chest wall deformities are classified in five categories consisting of Pectus Excavatum, Pectus Carinatum, Poland Syndrome, Sternal defects, and the uncommon chest wall deformities (1). 85% of the deformities can be detected in the first year of life.

Pectus Excavatum can be called as “sunken or hollowed chest” (Figure 1).

Pectus Excavatum can be seen together with Pectus Excavatum pectus carinatum (PC) in 6.8% of the patients which is called “mixed deformity”.

Pectus Excavatum Treatment in general

You should quit smoking at least 2 months prior to your surgical intervention; this issue is very important from the point of anesthesia, surgical procedure, obtaining unproblematic early postoperative period and successful wound healing. Unless otherwise stated, go on doing your normal physical activities and taking your medications up to your surgery.

You should notify your doctor about if you take blood thinners as aspirin and coumadin or cortisone (steroid), because dose adjustment or dose cessation should be done some time before your surgery. Taking even a single pill of aspirin a few days prior to your surgery might necessitate to postpone your procedure.

Nuss Procedure

nuss ameliyatı

The recent widely accepted and used technique has been described by Prof. Donald Nuss in 1987 for the first time (5). This minimal invasive technique is a surgical technique being commonly used nowadays with minimal invasive surgical technique, short procedure time, fast recovery span after the procedure, and excellent long term results.

Psychology for Pectus Excavatum

Psychological problems caused by Pectus Excavatum and Pectus Carinatum

Pectus Excavatum and Pectus Carinatum characterized as two different types of congenital chest wall deformity can result in severe psychological distresss because of the imperfect physical appearance they lead to.

Body Image defined as person's judgement of his/her physical appearance is an important factor for personality


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